Hair Design
Hair Crop with Wash and Dry (Hair Artist) 700
Hair Crop with Wash and Dry (Sr. Hair Artist) 1000
Fringe Cut 400
Trimming 600
Hair Crop Princess (Up to 10 Years) 400
Smooth Hair Shower 400
Dry Decor 500
Dry Decor with Smooth Hair Shower 700
Hair Relaxo
Crown Massage with Stream 600
Crown Massage with Stream and Wash 800
Hair Threads Spa (US) 1000
Hair Threads Spa (BS) 1200
Hair Threads Spa (UW) 1400
Hair Threads Spa (BW) 1600
Hair Style
Flattering Flat (US) 800
Flattering Flat (BS) 1000
Flattering Flat (UW) 1200
Flattering Flat (BW) 1400
Zigzag Zoom (US) 800
Zigzag Zoom (BS) 1000
Zigzag Zoom (UW) 1200
Zigzag Zoom (BW) 1400
Curly Curls (US) 800
Curly Curls (BS) 1000
Curly Curls (UW) 1200
Curly Curls (BW) 1400
Hair Textures
Smoothening / Rebonding / Keratin Fringe 2500
Smoothening / Rebonding / Keratin Regrowth 3500
Smoothening / Rebonding / Keratin (US) 5000
Smoothening / Rebonding / Keratin (BS) 7000
Smoothening / Rebonding / Keratin (UW) 8000
Smoothening / Rebonding / Keratin (BW) 9000
Hair Spectrum
Majirel Touchup 1 Inch 1000
Majirel Touchup 2 Inch 1400
Inoa Touchup 1 Inch 1100
Inoa Touchup 2 Inch 1600
Global Majirel (US) 3000
Global Majirel (BS) 4000
Global Majirel (UW) 5000
Global Majirel (BW) 7000
Global Inoa (US) 3500
Global Inoa (BS) 4500
Global Inoa (UW) 5500
Global Inoa (BW) 7500
Shine Effect (US) 1900
Shine Effect (BS) 2300
Shine Effect (UW) 2600
Shine Effect (BW) 3000
Crown Highlight 2200
Global Highlight (US) 4000
Global Highlight (BS) 5000
Global Highlight (UW) 6000
Global Highlight (BW) 7500
Pre Lightening (US) 1800
Pre Lightening (BS) 2300
Pre Lightening (UW) 2800
Pre Lightening (BW) 3300
Single Streak Highlight 400
Moroccan Rituals
Moroccan Smooth Hair Shower 500
Moroccan Head Oil Massage With Hair Shower 1000
Dry or Oily Scalp Treatment 1500
Moroccan Hair Spa (US) 2200
Moroccan Hair Spa (BS) 2500
Moroccan Hair Spa (UW) 2800
Moroccan Hair Spa (BW) 3200
Hair Treat
Power Mix per Ampoule 800
Smart Bond (US) 1300
Smart Bond (BS) 1500
Smart Bond (UW) 1700
Smart Bond (BW) 1900
Scalp Care
Dandruff Control 1200
Serioxyl Treatment 1200
Shape BG

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